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ESMS on the Brazos Stud Barn

ESMS on the Brazos Stallion Services

Haul-in Stallion Services – We allow stallions that are currently showing to be hauled into our facility for collection. These stallions are considered Haul-In stallions.
*Please note that all stallions are EVA tested and/or vaccinated.

Resident Stallions – Stallions that stand with us during breeding season are considered resident stallions. We ship cooled semen anywhere in the United States for most stallions.
*Please note that all stallions are EVA tested and/or vaccinated.

Shipping of Fresh and Frozen Semen – We offer on-site semen freezing and storage services.

Stallion Training Services – At ESMS on the Brazos, we can train stallions to mount phantom and collect.

USDA Qualified – Our facility is also USDA qualified to ship to Australia, Brazil, the European Union, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Cryopreservation of Semen – To Preserve the quality and integrity of semen, we use a computerized, programmable freezer to produce optimum results. From there, we can test the samples for viability and then store them for later use.

Breeding Soundness Evaluation – This evaluation includes motility, morphology, viability, longevity, testicular ultrasound and recommendations for future semen processing.

Chemical Semen Collection – A method of semen collection for stallions with debilitation’s that are unable to be collected off a mare or phantom, such as back or hind limb pain and mild neurological disorders.

Fractioned Semen Collection – Semen contaminated with substances such as blood or urine can be a cause of infertility; this method of semen collection can separate the semen from those toxic substances.

Oocyte Asperations for ICSI procedure
Oocyte Services
ESMS on the Brazos is now offering oocyte collection services for your mare to allow for ICSI fertilization. Our staff has undergone extensive training with veterinary reproductive specialist Dr. Carly Turner who trained with Texas A&M University’s Equine Embryo Lab, one of the premier ICSI laboratories in the world.
What is TVA/ICSI?
ICSI stands for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (the injection of an oocyte with one sperm) which is currently the only successful way to produce an equine embryo in a laboratory environment. The first step in obtaining an ICSI embryo is to recover oocytes from your mare. The oocytes are collected by transvaginal follicular aspiration, commonly called TVA. For this procedure an ultrasound guided needle is used to aspirate either small (immature) follicles or one large preovulatory follicle on the mare’s ovaries.

EquiPure™ Centrifugation – Sub-fertility in stallions can have many different causes – one of the most common is testicular degeneration due to aging. In these types of stallions, advanced semen processing, such as EquiPure is necessary to obtain acceptable pregnancy rates. With density-gradient centrifugation (EquiPure™), the percentage of motile sperm and percentage of morphologically normal sperm are increased. More specifically, the majority of the good sperm is separated from the poor quality sperm.

The team at ESMS on the Brazos Reproduction Center has extensive training with not only the EquiPure™ technique, but also in dealing with the many causes of sub-fertility in both the stallion and mare. When executed correctly, density gradient centrifugation can yield excellent pregnancy rates. This is accomplished through diligent care of the stallion, detail-oriented semen processing and intense mare management.

The insemination dose of this procedure is much lower than the traditional artificial insemination dose, where sperm is placed into the uterine body. The technique used for this type of insemination is to deposit sperm directly at the tip of the uterine horn, closer to the location where fertilization takes place. Deep-horn insemination is used for frozen semen, sex-sorted semen and in semen from sub-fertile stallions with limited sperm numbers that have been subjected to density-gradient centrifugation.

This procedure takes practice and experience. The staff at ESMS on the Brazos has been using the low-dose, deep-horn insemination technique for years with success.

ESMS on the Brazos Mare Services

ESMS on the Brazos
Mare Services

Mare Management – Our staff can provide as much or as little care needed to help get your mare pregnant. The options range from dropping the mare off with us during the breeding season and not picking her up until she is safely in foal to hauling the mare to us as needed throughout her cycle and bringing her back for a pregnancy exam.

Our experienced staff has one goal in mind: to help ensure your mare care and having a healthy foal on the ground the following year. We are happy to accommodate you and your mare in any way necessary to reach this goal.

Sub-fertile Mares – At ESMS, our veterinarians are reproductive specialists uniquely equipped to assist pregnancies from sub-fertile mares. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced using advanced techniques to help these mares reach their potential. We look forward to spending the time it takes to set up and carry out an individualized program for your special needs mare.

Breeding with Frozen Semen – Our staff is experienced with the use of frozen semen to breed mares. We have developed techniques to efficiently produce pregnancies even with small quantities or less-than-desirable quality frozen semen. We deal with large volumes of frozen semen and would be happy to store the semen for you in our liquid nitrogen tanks until needed to inseminate your mare.

Breeding Soundness Exams – When purchasing a valuable mare that may be used as a broodmare in the future, please consider a breeding soundness exam as part of a pre-purchase evaluation. With this exam, we may be able to help protect your investment when looking at reproductive efficiency in the future.

Performance Evaluations – If your show mare is not reaching her full potential because of behavior issues, we can help determine if the undesirable behavior is related to her reproductive tract. With our experienced veterinarians, we can detect even small changes on a palpation or ultrasound exam that may be a problem. As reproductive specialists, we are well equipped to help remedy any problems noted.

Embryo Transfer – Our highly selected recipient mare herd is the core of our embryo transfer program. These mares are selected for both fertility and temperament. We know you don’t want your expensive embryo foal to be raised by a spook or ill=tempered mare, which is why temperament is as important as fertility in our recipient herd. We have different sized recipients to fit every need from average quarter-type mares to draft crosses to handle embryos from larger breeds of horses.

You may consider transferring an embryo from your mare for many reasons, such as: continuing a performance career; debilitating lameness; uterine issues preventing the donor mare from carrying her own pregnancy; producing more than one foal per year from a given mare; and producing a foal late in the breeding season while keeping the donor mare open for an early start at the next breeding season.

We can customize an embryo program to fit your specific needs. With our reproductive expertise, no case is too challenging. To obtain current pricing for our embryo program and embryo transfer contracts please give us a call.

Full foaling service – Mares are foaled out at Equine Sports Medicine. For more information on our Healthy Delivery Program contact our clinic at 817-594-9232.

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